Attract & Recruit

Anticipation of required talent/human capital to address business strategic planning.

Scope: Policy, Post Budget, Recruitment and Job Placement.

Create Leaders

Inspiring the people for better future through various leadership management strategy.

Scope: Succession Planning, Career Development, Improving Generic Trainings, Exams, Performance and Promotions.

Sustain Leaders

Harmonise the relationship between organization and employees.

Scope: Counselling, Disciplinary, Enforcement, Asset Declaration and Retiree Welfare Facility.

Manage Satisfaction

Bring together experts from across branches to help organization deal with complex challenges and providing comprehensive business support.

Scope: e-Perubahan Gaji, Confirmation, Post Service, Record, HRMIS and Business Support.

What is THRUST?

THRUST is an abbreviation for Total Human Resource System that is developed to provide the entire infrastucture needed for Human Resource needs in conjunction with the IT developmeent.

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